About Us


Pisso Couture is a High-End Fashion and Shoe Brand Founded by the Owner and Fashion Designer Pisso who is native from Madagascar. She later moved to Paris before her path led her to Los Angeles. She uses elements from these places as inspiration to create her unique and stunning designs.
Pisso Couture's focus is creating men's and women's signature looks that are distinctive across all cuts and a striking shoe line.
Each piece is made of imported full grain and first grade Italian leather, and incorporating original textiles from Madagascar.
Pisso Couture Design Studio is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles - One of the major fashion centers in the world where all her clothing line is produced and manufactured. 
The shoe line is designed in Los Angeles and produced in Le Marche Italy, which is called "The Shoe Valley".


Based in Los Angeles and D.C.
Made in U.S.A. and Italy.